Benefits to Registering to the Forum

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Benefits to Registering to the Forum

Postby Molly_Mae's_Mom » Thu Feb 24, 2011 12:02 pm

Hi Everyone!
This forum is pretty new to MLRR, so we're still trying to get the kinks out of it. We are so excited that everyone is taking advantage of it, though! Please continue to comment on available dogs, questions about the adoption process, and inquiries about owning a dog!

I just wanted to let everyone know about the advantage to registering to the MLRR forum. When you register for the forum, you have your own unique login name and password, allowing a MLRR volunteer to more readily get back to you.

When you post a question or comment to the forum as a registered user, you are able to subscribe to that particular topic, which means that the forum will email you when a reply is posted to your comment. To subscribe to a particular topic, click the "Subscribe" button at the bottom of the topic's page. Furthermore, when you are registered with the forum, other registered users are able to send you a private message, which is valuable when gathering your information for specific dogs and volunteer opportunities. When a private message is sent to you, you can also be emailed to inform you.

Of course, registering is not necessary. If you are more comfortable posting questions and comments without registering, then please continue to do that! But if you're looking to have the forum interact with you a bit more, or making get more involved, then please consider registering for the forum. And no matter what, continue posting! :mrgreen:

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