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Hello, Dagmar here! I am a 1 ½-2 year old male lab husky mix weighing in around 45 lbs. Foster mom says I am tiny, and cute as a button, with sleek, gorgeous black fur and a beautiful bushy tail. You ask about my name…Dagmar…where did that come from? A unisex name, it has various meanings in different countries and cultures. In German it means splendid or glorious day; the Danish…Day maid; Old Norse…A maiden of the day, or glorious day; and finally Scandinavia…glory. Ok, enough history. Just know I have been known to answer to Dag.

Well, you can overlook my size, because I can do everything a bigger dog can do. Running is one of my favorite activities. They call me high energy. I don’t know about that, but foster parents have this big back yard, and goodness, can I run like a racehorse (Kentucky Derby might be in my future)! I have a foster fur brother who I like a lot. We play tug rope in the back yard, and for fun, I let him pull me while I’m holding on to the rope. Let’s not overlook a good tennis ball; I can run after it like nobody’s business, and then bring it back for another throw. I, too, am very good at squirrel patrol. I chase them in the yard, and during our evening walk, I keep my uniform on, keeping my eye on their every move. Did I mention I am pretty good on the leash? I am learning to sit at corners, but fight this every chance I can. During our walk, I like to stop and look at other dogs and people in the yard…I am fascinated by them…well most everything, I guess. I also enjoy jumping in the car for a good ride, if the opportunity presents itself.
When in the house, I find fun things to do. I play bitey-kissy face with foster fur brother…a lot. Foster parents have this bucket of bones. I like to take each one out, and spread them all over the living room floor…it gives me a wide selection at any given moment. They also have this toy box with stuffed animals…I choose the soft furry ones, and then chew all the fur and stuffing out. Outside of those two things, I’m not much of a chewer. I do have a crate, but I really don’t like to stay in it, and am lucky I can wander thru the house when foster parents are home. You say your favorite show is on tv? You can expect I will try to climb on your lap and snuggle, hoping for some good loving. Foster mom and I talk from time to time, until it gets too loud, and I am told “that’s enough”. I don’t much like blankets…they keep trying to put them in my crate, and cover me up when it’s cool at night, but I just tug it off. I have also have gained the privilege of sleeping with foster parents at night…boy, do I love their bed…have you seen a dog that lays on their back with legs in the air…yup, that’s me.
So, I think I would like a family with another dog or kids to play with. Although I am not around kids here, I think I would be good with them. Just know that my high energy might be a lot for smaller children. Anyone out there want to give a sweet guy a place to call his own?

For more information, and to express interest in Dagmar, please go to his facebook post at

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