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Jaxton here just chilling and waiting for my foster family. Boy, had I been been dreaming of this when I didn't have a home; comfy beds, lots of doggie toys, yummy food, playtime with my furry MLRR brother and best of all, lots of love! This is the life and I'm setting in just fine, thank you.

Lets just get to the obvious - I am really, really cute.

Apparently I'm very small for a lab, so I guess there is a little something else in the mix. But I have so much more to offer than my good looks. Although I'm around 2 years old, I still have that playful puppy personality. I'm curious, happy, sweet and love everyone big, small, four legged or two. When I first arrived here at my foster home, I truly could not believe my good fortune. Everything was so new to me, but I've adapted quickly and easily to a routine. When my foster mom goes to work (just a few hours a day), I have this great area that is all mine and I settle down nicely, no barking or anxiety. This crate thing is interesting and I think soon I'll just go in there for my rest. I go outside now to do my "business" and my foster brother is showing me just the right spots in the yard. I did get confused at first, as there was this awesome seagrass rug in the house, I mean, it did smell like grass and all, but I'm over it now.

Training has been such fun and I've made great progress. I aim to please and will sit, and stay so well all for a treat or even just a good boy. I'm still learning not to put these tiny paws up on the counter, but if you ask me, I'll get right down and will sit. This leash stuff is strange to me, but I wait calmly for my foster dad to put my cute harness on and off we go. I'm walking much better now and will even run a bit if that's what you like. What do I like to do in my spare time? Well that's easy, playtime! I love all toys and balls and most like to play tug of war with my furry brother. Then we wrestle, then we cuddle, then we play some more. Then it's nap time which I'm really happy to do, especially on the couch next to my foster family. Speaking of families, it's just us here ,no little kids. But when I've met kids, I wag my tail, give kisses and take treats so gently. I have to learn not to jump on them, but I'm working on that!

How about it? Whoever adopts me will hit the "Jackpot, " kind of like my name, don't you think??

For more information, and to express interest in Dogname, please go to his facebook post at

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Re: Jaxton

Postby Tmittelstadt » Tue Oct 24, 2017 9:16 pm

Is Jaxton still available?

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Re: Jaxton

Postby moderator » Thu Nov 16, 2017 10:11 pm

He has been adopted.

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