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Posted: Tue Oct 03, 2017 4:58 pm
by ForumMod
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Hi everyone, it's me Princess! I arrived here from Tennessee and settled into my foster home nicely. I love it here and they love me, but say I deserve a home of my very own. I am a beautiful two year old black Lab mix female who weighs about 60 lbs. My foster mom says I am gorgeous and truly a princess. I know my name very well, and respond to it any time I am called. I love people of all ages and sizes, and I get very excited and wiggly when I see them or they call my name, however I am not real jumpy. I do have a pretty happy tail that wags a lot when I see my people. I love to give kisses XX. My foster mom says I listen really well though, just tell me to sit and I sit and then you can pet and love me which I really like. I live here in my foster home now with two fur sisters who are MLRR alums, my foster mom and dad and a foster human brother. We are all getting along well. There are two cats here too, I don't mind the cats at all, and they are getting used to me too. My foster mom works from home, each morning before work we get to take a nice walk. Then while she works we all just lay around and relax, chew on bones and be good girls she says. At lunch time we walk again. I like going on walks, however my foster mom says I need a little more leash training, I still pull a little bit, but she says I listen well and will learn fast if you take me to a few classes, after all I am pretty smart. I know sit, down and shake, and like I said I come when called. Even though my foster mom is almost always home, I can be a good girl when no one is here also. Everyone left us alone for several hours. I don't know what they thought we were gonna do, but when they got home we were all chilled out on the couch. So I am a good girl even when you're not home. I don't do things like counter surf, garbage pick or chew things that don't belong to me. I am fully house trained and have had no accidents. My foster mom says I am a really good girl. Almost perfect she tells me.

I do have a few things I like, I like to lay on couches or beds, so I hope you will let me do that. I also will sleep in a crate, my foster family has one out, I sometimes choose to go in there for some alone time. I really love being in the same room with people, and I will follow you around the house. I like to chew on bully sticks and bones, and love the occasional cookie too. I take treats gently. I get really good food here and I eat nicely with my fur sisters. My foster mom gives us a little fish oil to make our coats shine. I am still pretty young and I have some energy, I love to run around the back yard and chase squirrels with my fur sisters. I am super fast, but the squirrels , well they are faster. I want to play, but so far we haven't figured out what I like for sure. Tennis balls and toys have not interested me to much except the squirrel toy, I like that one. I would love a family who would walk me, and has a nice yard for me to run and play in. I promise to be a good girl, and I know you will love my sweet and loving personality. Plus I am just gorgeous! My foster family loves me and I love them. My foster mom tells me I really am a princess and she would love to keep me here, but knows I deserve my own family now and she has to help foster more dogs who need homes. So, will you be my new family? Who wants a wonderful, beautiful Princess?? I can't wait to meet you!!

See you soon,
Princess XO

Re: Princess

Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 1:23 pm
Hi There!

Is Princess still available for adoption?! Where is she located?

Tara & Scott Deibel

Re: Princess

Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 10:45 pm
by ForumMod
Thank you for your interest. Princess has been adopted.