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Hi!! My name is Wags and I am a male black Lab mix. I weigh 65 lbs now and am enjoying life with my foster family. They tell me I am 10 years old but my foster family seems to think I am a bit younger because of how spunky I am. I was recently neutered and they also removed a lump that was on my hip. My surgery went very well, the lump was nothing to be worried about and now all I need is my hair to grow back where I was shaved. My foster family says I am a very good dog who loves getting attention. I enjoy playing with my foster brother, Tuxedo. He is larger than me but I jump up to him or just lay down so he will lay on top of me to play. I have been working really hard on heeling but my nose sometimes gets the better of me and it wants me to explore all of the smells. My foster family brought me on an adventure road trip to Michigan where I had the opportunity to explore the woods and try to swim in the lake. Unfortunately, I was afraid of the water but was starting to get a little more comfortable with getting my paws wet to get the ball. I love to play fetch. I have been teaching Tux how to bring back the ball so that someone will throw it again to keep the game going. I am very familiar with commands like sit, down and stay but sometimes I am just not interested enough in doing them. Maybe you can help with more training? I don't live with little humans, but I am sure that I would be wonderful with them. However, I don't know about cats. I am looking forward to meeting new people and finding my forever family who will spoil me in my golden years!.

For more information, and to express interest in Wags, please go to his facebook post at http://tinyurl.com/yaj8t5dr

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