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Lady Bella here posing for my official portrait. I always behave in a very dignified manner and really question whether I am a dog at all. But I've been told I'm a Lab (mostly) and I do like to chase squirrels, so there is that. I'm very proud of my looks and am always being told how beautiful I am, but really that is my name, Bella! Outside of a few specks of grey, my coat is super glossy and soft- just pet me and see for yourself! Please, please pet me and cuddle with me because I LOVE that, especially if I am draped on your lap on the couch. Then I'll give you kisses and rest my head on your shoulder. What else do I like?? Well, I've discovered the joys of taking a walk. I guess I've never done that before, but with my new pretty, pink harness on, I'm learning quickly and trying not to pull. My foster home has a fenced yard and I'm so happy out there investigating and sniffing for critters. I spend a lot of time with my furry foster brother and he's pretty cool. I didn't have many doggy friends before so it took some time before I felt comfortable with him. Now we even share the couch and dog beds. But I really don't know how to wrestle or play with toys or balls. I guess I'm worried it might mess up my fur!

I have a little human girl neighbor and I'm very gentle with her and she likes my doggie kisses. I know the basic stuff like sit, stay and give paw and would like to learn more, especially if really yummy treats are involved. But what I like most is a loving, kind home where I can enjoy the "creature" comforts (finally) and have my furever family shower me constantly with attention.


For more information, and to express interest in Bella, please go to her facebook post at

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Re: Bella

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I'm interested in Bella
I'm not sure how to use your website so don't know what to do next
Is there a website where to apply for a visit or however to procee
Jan Peterseim

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