Belle - ADOPTED!

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Belle - ADOPTED!

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My name is Belle and I'm a sensitive, petite, athletic 7 year old black Lab gal. Don't let my age fool you, I am a retriever who LOVES to play fetch. In fact every afternoon, if my foster mom and dad forget to play fetch with me, I politely get my toys and drop them at their feet, hint hint. When I get better on a leash they think I would be a great running companion. I can also jump high enough that learning to play frisbee could be fun! One day my owner let me go out with a note attached to my collar listing my name, age, food and that I like to play ball. So I was on my own for a while until the Iowa City Humane Society took me in. Then I made my way to my foster home with MLRR. As you can imagine, by the time I got to Chicago I was pretty much scared of my own shadow! But I'm becoming more confident with each and every day. Some things still scare me, like the winding stairs going down into the basement. I'm not super fond of being crated with the door closed, it brings back memories of the shelter with those kennels and barking dogs. But I will go into it with encouragement and a treat, whine for a bit then settle down looking around or sleeping. I have the complete run of the house and have not had any accidents other than on my first day. Since my crate is still up, sometimes I take one of my soft toys and go lie in it. I am a foodie, which my family says is a good thing because I need to gain weight and treats help me with my training. I know a few commands and we are working on others. My foster family is amazed at how smart I am, and how I remind them when they are supposed to reward, feed, play or go to bed. They ask me if I have a clock in my head. I want to learn new things, but I get distracted, especially when I see squirrels or other dogs, so cats might not be a good fit for me. My foster folks start laughing because when I am given a command I put my ears forward, lift my brow and tilt my head as if I am concentrating very very hard on what they want me to do. I would be fine being the only dog in the house, kids that are a little bit older (like 10yrs and up) but that could change when I meet you and you help me feel more secure. Oh, and the shelter gave me a ton of tennis balls - so forever home, please find me soon so we can play!

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