Lanie - ADOPTED!!

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Lanie - ADOPTED!!

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Hi Everyone, I’m Lanie. I feel like you all know me by now! I came to MLRR back in February. I’m a cute little blonde Lab girl who knows how to turn heads. I’ll wake you up with a bark at 7am if you are not out of bed because I am ready to go potty, eat my breakfast and play with my BFF fur sister, who was also rescued by MLRR. If you don’t listen, I will pull the blankets off you or bark louder until I am heard. I live with 3 other MLRR Alumni and I enjoy being with them all. I have also been a big foster sister to a few puppies since I have lived here. My foster mom says I am still a puppy in most ways, but in others, I am an old soul. I am housebroken, I do not need to be in a crate, (although I will go in on my on my own for naps and quiet time) and I love to carry shoes around the house. When I’m not playing with my fur siblings, I enjoy being a couch potato and I love to sleep in my human’s bed at night. You do have to lift me up, but I can jump off on my own. I do not like to be alone. I am always with my foster mom or a foster fur-sibling. I do live with a 9 year old human and I am really good with kids of all ages! Although I do not need to have a fur-sibling as part of my new home, I do think being around other dogs will be good for me. This could be a neighbor’s dog to play with, going to day care, or trips to a dog park. I thrive on playing with other dogs and need to release energy, because I’m still a puppy! To remind you, I came to MLRR with double hip dysplasia. I had surgery on my right hip in March to repair it and then participated in physical therapy for a few months to help me build strength and muscle in my back legs. I am now going to swim therapy twice a week and am really starting to love it. I get really excited to go in the car and ride very nicely. But don’t open the window, the wind scares me!! I do want to make sure you understand that I will always have issues with my hips. But, keeping me in therapy and on certain medicines will help. So, MLRR did some research and they think that with meds & supplements ($120/month) and continued therapy and swimming sessions (price varies based on location and number of times each week, range is $300-$600/month) I will be able to maintain and gain more strength. I'll eventually need surgery on my left side in the future (est at $1500, so that is also something to keep in mind if you want to adopt me. So, if you can provide the time, exercise, love, attention and financial needs I have, let’s set up a date!

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