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Posted: Mon Jul 18, 2016 10:47 am
by ForumMod
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​Luke here – and it’s your lukey day, because I’m available for adoption! “Lukey day” – get it? Because my name is Luke? Ha ha ha, I crack myself up. But you know what isn’t funny? How I came to be with MLRR: I was confiscated during a meth lab raid in Indiana. Yeah, not cool, but I’m in good hands now and I can’t wait to meet my forever family. Anywho, I’m an approx. 10 month old male lab mix, black with just a tiny bit of white on my chest and toes, and I’m about 35 pounds. And while I may be small, I have a BIG personality, and I keep up just fine with the big dogs, thank you very much. I love people, I love other dogs, I love cats, I love to play, I love to cuddle, and I love to eat. That last part of me is 100% lab. :) I’m perpetually happy! And you know what? I’m really adaptable. Nothing really phases me at all, so I’d do well in pretty much any home - dogs, cats, adults, older kids, younger kids, busy, quieter, it’s all good. Just no meth lab please… there I go making funnies again. :)

In my foster home there are two Labbies, 7 and 3 years old, two cats, and my foster mom. They all became my instant friends, but then again, I consider everyone a friend. I have a pretty typical energy level for a young pup, but I’m also happy to settle down in the house and gnaw on an antler or play with a toy. I’m a good boy and stick with doggie stuff and don’t mess with things I’m not supposed to, although just in case since I’m young, foster mom keeps me crated when she’s not home, and I’m good in there. I had a couple of potty accidents when I first got to my foster home, but foster mom has been reinforcing housebreaking with me and I’ve only had one accident since then, and that was totally foster mom’s fault for not taking me out when she knew she should. I know “sit,” including that I have to do that at the door before we go out of or into the house, and foster mom says I’m very smart and easy to train. Oh, and I rather enjoy getting to go in the car on new adventures. Foster mom says that even though I’m a little vertically challenged, I’m pretty much perfect, so maybe you’d like to be my forever family?

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Posted: Thu Aug 25, 2016 10:12 pm
by ForumMod
Luke had been adopted!!