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Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 12:51 pm
by ForumMod
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Hi! My name is Jake. I am 68 lbs of awesome! No seriously, I think I am solely responsible for the increase in adoption applications to MLRR. People on the streets are always stopping my foster mom to tell her how awesome I am. I am pretty much as famous, if not more, than that guy Jake from State Farm. My coat is silky soft black with a kiss of white to my chin, chest, paws, and tail. I am 10 months old. My foster mom says I am medium energy. I love to play, but would snuggle all day next to you if I could. I am house trained and crate trained. Are you not convinced? I love kids and their socks, my human foster brother has the best socks! I enjoy playing with other dogs; I am currently living with a fur foster sibling. We have so much fun playing. I like to nip her ears, feet, and tails. She loves it! I have never met a cat, but I met a tiny dog once. Does that count? I mean I could keep going, but I think you have the gist.

I do have some pesky medical stuff going on, nothing major, but I figured you'd want to know. We weren't so sure what the deal was for a while, because the issues would come and go, but last week I got to see an orthopedic specialist and here's the deal: I have something called panosteitis. Dr. Google can explain more, but basically it means I will have occasional limping/lameness and pain for a few days at a time until I'm about 18 months old, and then it will just go away and I'll be absolutely fine. I may need some pain medication and/or anti-inflammatories though when I do get an episode. The other thing the ortho vet found looking at my Xrays was that I might have osteochondritis dissecans in my left shoulder. I know, those are big words but basically it's abnormal cartilage development. My Xrays weren't completely conclusive, and I don't have any symptoms in that shoulder at all, so for now the vet says we don't need to do anything. But if I start to have symptoms, I will probably need surgery on that shoulder, but the good news is, the prognosis is good.

I look forward to finding my forever home. I hope it's filled with snuggles, treats, and little kid socks. Paws crossed!

For more information, and to express interest in Jake, please go to his facebook post at

Re: Jake

Posted: Thu Oct 06, 2016 8:44 pm
by ForumMod
Jake has been adopted