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Diesel - ADOPTED

Posted: Fri Oct 21, 2016 2:50 pm
by ForumMod
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Hello! My name is Diesel. I am a male black Lab and I am about a year old, and weigh around 65 pounds. I am very much in love with human food and human garbage! YUM! As of late, I do like to chew on my human brothers’ toys. I sure can take Hulk and Spiderman on! I am a good boy and I am pretty calm with some spurts of energy. I love when my human friends come home from work. I get so excited to see them. I love being with people because they pet me and love me and play with me. I am house trained but every once in a while I go pee pee in the house. Whoops! I am definitely learning not to do that and it rarely happens. I am kennel trained and I am content when my foster family is away. My one rear leg is a little funny and I tend to favor my other leg. It doesn’t really prevent me from doing anything but I won’t be like those fast agility dogs! I get along really well with other animals. I am best friends with my roommate who is a cat. We both love to nap together. I also get along with other dogs and have fun wrestling. I am the type who will roll over and be the submissive pup in the wrestling match. Although I do love my humans, I am not one to accept hugs or have people lean or lay on me. I am very gentle with young and adult human friends, as long as they are respectful of me! I have a kind face and just want to please everyone. I do need to learn some more things about walking well on a leash, and not to try and run out the door when it opens. Oh, and I was told I'm not supposed to steal the human's food. Not sure why, it tastes so good! Since living with my foster family, I have learned to sit for my food and to wait until I am told I can eat. I also ring the bells at my foster parents’ back door when I have to go outside…not all the time, but quite often. I did have yucky heart worms when I arrived, but I pulled through treatment like a champ and am ready to find my forever home and a place that I can call my own.

For more information, and to express interest in Diesel, please go to his facebook post at

Re: Diesel

Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2017 1:06 pm
by DestinyScott
My husband and I would love to meet Diesel! We have been previously approved.

Re: Diesel

Posted: Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:32 am
by ForumMod
Diesel has been adopted