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Tai - ADOPTED!!!!

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2016 2:50 pm
by ForumMod
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Hi there! My name is Tai. And I am a 6 month old yellow male Lab, and I weigh around 40 lbs. I was really, really nervous when I first met mom and dad and my foster brother. I was shaking the whole car ride home, but once I went on a long walk with my foster fur brother, I felt much more confident. Everyone has been patient and loving to me, and I’m feeling more confident every single day. I’ve also learned a lot in just a few days: that car rides are AWESOME, that running up and down the stairs is a lot of fun, and that snuggling with mom and dad is the BEST!!!! I have an Oma and an Opa across the street. They walk me and Bubba during the day and they’re so sweet to me. Mom calls me a snuggle bug, and is amazed at how just a little gentle stroking calms my puppy energy and lulls me to sleep. She says for a 6 month old puppy, I’m very mature and well-behaved. The vet warned mom I wasn’t good on a leash, but you know what? I’m GREAT on the leash! All it took was some patience. My big brother is showing me the ropes, and I keep up really well: no tugging, no pulling, and I stay right at mommy’s side. I’m a little afraid of cars and bicycles, and mom worries I may one day chase them, so keeping me safe on a leash will be really important for my forever family. I’m also really, really quiet! I groan with pleasure when I’m petted, and so far I’ve only barked twice: once when I met Macy and Angel, two yellow Labs down the street, and once when I caught my reflection in a mirror. I don’t even bark or complain when I’m crated! I’m not crazy about the crate, but I know I need to be kept safe when mom and dad aren’t around. I’m a good boy in the crate, as long as I have my favorite toys with me, but someday I want to be trusted to have the run of the house like my big brother. Dad wanted to crate me overnight, but because I’m such a good boy, he took a chance and let me sleep in the big comfy bed with everyone. MAN do I like that! I snuggle up next to mom and my fur brother and sleep all through the night. The other night daddy heard me jump off the bed, so mommy took me straight outside and I immediately went potty. Good thing they heard me, I sure don’t want to lose my snuggle privileges. I’m on the smaller side for a Lab, and I will probably be around 60 pounds when I’m all grown up. I might be small in size but I’ve got a huge personality and a lot of love to share. I’m what they call a Lab Mix, with a lot of the qualities that make Labs so great: I follow you everywhere (you don’t mind company in the bathroom, do you?), I’m great with other dogs, and I’m really, really eager to please. More than anything, I want a family to call my own. My foster family is great, and I’m so grateful they saved me from the horrible, scary shelter, but I want a forever family to call my own, take care of me, love me, and help me grow up to be the best dog I can be. Do you have a spot in your home and your heart for me? I can’t wait to meet you!

Re: Tai

Posted: Mon Dec 26, 2016 1:48 pm
by ForumMod
Tai has been adopted!!