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Hello, I’m Slim! I’m a 3-4 year-old black Lab mix. Hanging out with people is my favorite thing to do! I get very attached, especially to my current owners who adopted me from the MLRR one year ago. I am a very well behaved boy indoors, don’t jump or beg, would never chew anything except for my toys or an occasional rawhide, and am completely housebroken. Inside I am the best dog ever! I just want to cuddle up with my people. I do like taking walks, but I can get anxious outside. I’m always in a hurry and I’m strong for my 60 pounds. If I see another dog on leash, I can get myself pretty worked up! I start whining and pulling and will try hard to go defend myself. My owners give me peanut butter to help distract me from the dogs and this keeps my anxiety from escalating. I’m really working on staying calm outside, but all of the dogs in the city are just unavoidable and it’s not safe for me to be in this environment. I’m looking forward to finding my new home in the suburbs or the country where other dogs are scarce. I get along very well with dogs I know – I see 30 of my friends twice a week at doggie daycare – so it’s only stranger dogs that make me nervous. I also get along with my owners’ parents other dog and cats, so I would be okay in a household with other pets. I would love to clear your yard out of rabbits and squirrels and birds, though! I will love my people forever and will make a great family dog, especially if my owner has time at home to work on my fears outdoors. I have been taking an inexpensive anti-anxiety medication, but my owners think I may not need this anymore in the right setting. I have also had one seizure but have no other recurrent epilepsy. I can’t wait to curl up with my new forever family!

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