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Sarah, Sarah, Bo Barah, Banana Fanna Fo Farah – It’s Sarah!!!! Hi Everydoggy! Well as you can see my name is Sarah but my foster mom calls me by using the “Sarah Song”. She says it suits me better. I’m a 2 year old, 50 lb, black lab mix female. I actually had a litter of seven puppies about 4 months ago back in Tennessee, where I was found. They were taken by a puppy specific rescue group in Ohio and I got to come to Illinois via a Pilots-n-Paws air transport. It was a little scary but at least I can tell you I ride well in the car and in the air! I miss my puppies but I’m also enjoying all the free time I have now. I love to tease the dog that lives here by stealing his tennis balls. I also enjoy chewing on my nylabones. Sometimes I steal my foster dad’s shoes and jump up on the sofa with them but I’m getting better about that. I don’t like to be in trouble. I’m a pretty low maintenance girl otherwise and I walk really well on the leash. I don’t seem to mind other dogs that we pass at all. I’ve met some older kids and they were pretty cool. Anyways come and meet me – you won’t be disappointed! Love, Sarah Bo Barah

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