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Postby aande » Sat Feb 11, 2012 3:59 pm

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I am a 13 yr old lab mix, I imagine you would think I am past my prime but I would surprise you. I have nice teeth (a little tartar on the back ones) and breath (it shocked the family here) and I am really mellow. I don't mind the other dogs here but I don't pay any attention to them. I walk slower then the other pups here but what can I say - I like to linger and smell the roses. They call me sweetie all the time and I hear them talking that I am overweight but I am glad they take me out for several walks a day. I would really like a nice place to call home with not much activity though every now and then I pick a ball up in the backyard. I am looking for the home that would allow me to retire in peace.

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