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Postby aande » Thu Aug 16, 2012 9:40 pm

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Looking for an affectionate, playful companion who loves kids, is low maintenance and a fast learner? That’s me – Kali, the 5 year old black Lab wonder! I have to admit that I do need to be the only dog, I’m kinda selfish about wanting all your attention and don’t want to share my stuff with other dogs in the house. But I’m mostly okay with other dogs in the dog park, where I love running around. But as for humans, boy, you’ll get so many kisses; I’ll follow you around everywhere, and I LOVE kids – even small ones! I’m good with them cause I’m petite – only 63 pounds and have a medium energy level. Don’t know about cats though – that would be a new experience.

So how come I am up for adoption? Well, the family I lived with for my first 5 years had to move and they gave me to their parents. But these folks already had 2 dogs and decided 3 were too many so I wound up in a shelter. That was awful! Luckily, the folks at MLRR heard about me and brought me here to help me find a real forever home.

So if you want a totally housebroken dog that doesn’t need a cage that already knows a few commands (like sit, down and no), I’m your girl! I’ll even run like lightning for a tennis ball if you throw it for me and bring it back to you (bet your arm will be tired before my legs will). When you are too tired, I’ll switch to rope toys and give you lots more kisses. We’ll also have lots of opportunities for you to help me get better at a few things like walking on a leash (supposedly a need a little help on that – I think I’m fine, of course).

I can’t wait to be part of a family that has kids and that wants a loving, playful Lab – and the kids can be any age. Come and see me soon!!

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