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Postby aande » Thu Sep 20, 2012 7:46 pm

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Looking for a sleek, playful, energetic 1 year old female friend? Come see me, beautiful black Mia! I’ve got an incredible amount of energy and love to share with you, even if I’m petite (55 lbs) and started out as a stray. Can’t wait until my forever family and I get together and play – whether it’s puppy wrestling with other dogs, running, going to a doggy beach, or learning agility! Oh, and I’m already housebroken and crate trained too. And I love kids and people.

I need to let you know that I’m a very, very active dog and tend to jump (on people and over fences). As a result, it would probably be best if my forever family includes experienced dog owners who are willing to make the commitment to keeping me stimulated and training me. In addition, it’s best if I’m the only dog in the house. When I was adopted before, their female dog and I just didn’t get along and the family wasn’t willing to help us work it out. I've been good in group doggy settings, but not great one on one with other dogs. But with training and lots of exercise and stimulation – I will bring you years of excitement and love and make you very glad you chose me!

P.S., MLRR has already sent me to training to give me a head start!

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