Isadora - ADOPTED!

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Isadora - ADOPTED!

Postby aande » Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:17 pm

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I'm the newest lucky yellow girl at MLRR. Isadora is my full name, but I go by Dora for short! I'm a 9 month old yellow female and weigh in around 50lbs. I am definitely underweight and still have some growing to do as well. My ideal and full size weight will probably be around 60-65lbs. I actually tested positive for heartworms when MLRR rescued me. I've had my treatment and my initial recovery has gone well. I'm a fun loving girl who enjoys chew toys and sometimes that means my foster parent's shoes. I like to give kisses to people, love to be petted, and my tail goes back and forth nonstop! I caught on pretty quickly to the whole "living in the house" thing. When my foster parents leave I go into my crate with a push and I wait quietly for them to come home. I am completely housebroken and haven't made any messes since I've been here. I grew up running as a stray with my 5 litter mates in rural Missouri and we had to fend for ourselves and resources were sparse and I still show some signs of being possessive of my things - like food, toys, and space - when other dogs are around. I have a foster brother right now who is a 13 year old senior Lab. I like him ok but we don't really interact much. I know with a little training and socialization I will learn how to share nicely. There are no kids in my current foster home but I think I would have a blast if my forever home had kids in it. Come and see me today and we'll have some fun!

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Re: Isadora

Postby agordon720 » Wed Nov 07, 2012 3:31 pm

Hi - I'm Isadora's foster mom. She's a cutie - that's for sure. I was looking over her vet papers and there are a few different guesses at her age. They range anywhere from 9mos - 2 years. Her teeth are perfect pearly whites. Now that I've had her in the home for several days I'm thinking probably 12-15 months is a good guess. She is very well behaved for such a young Lab. Any questions, let me know.

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